Show Schedule 2021

Due to Covid-19, most of our 2021 spring and summer show schedule has been postponed or cancelled. 

August 13-15 Pleasanton Harvest Festival

August 21-22 Novato Art and Wine Festival

August 28-29 West End Celebration, Sand City, CA

September 4-5 Millbrae Art and Wine Festival

September 10-12 Las Vegas Harvest Festival

September 18-19 Los Gatos Fiesta de Artes

September 25-26 TBD

October 2-3 Art in the Park, Boulder City, NV

October 9-10 CANCELLED Burlingame Art and Wine Festival

October 16-17 TBD

October 22-24 Affair of the Heart, Oklahoma City, OK

November 4-7 Huffman Productions, Omaha, NE

November 11-14 Huffman Productions, Minneapolis, MN

November 19-21 Affair of the Heart, Tulsa, OK

December 3-5 Pomona Harvest Festival (Temporary Location for 2021: Ontario Convention Center)