About Us

Candace Feldman worked for eighteen years on one of the hottest, trendiest streets in the world; Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Graduating from the prestigious Yamano Beauty College at the age of sixteen, she was the youngest hair colorist ever to work full time on Rodeo Drive. 
Candace was the hair colorist to the stars and through her work and relationships with her exclusive clientele, she kept abreast of what the latest styles in fashion were on her client's "must have lists."


Since she was a young girl growing up in Malibu and Beverly Hills, Candace loved fashion and was considered by her peers to be the most fashion forward kid on the block. Her nickname "Little Miss Fashionista" served her well and it was not uncommon for her to leave the house with one outfit on and arrive home with another. She would cut sleeves off her blouses, slice up her jeans and pin nature's bounty on her clothes to give them the look she desired. Candace began handcrafting jewelry when she was in grammar school and her mother, Victoria, still has the first bracelet Candace made from beads and safety pins. "Until you look closely, you would never know safety pins were used.  It looks like a silver and blue beaded bracelet, very cool," says Victoria.


To satisfy her wanderlust, Candace has traveled internationally as well as domestically seeking out not only the latest trends in fashion but connecting with Artisans who create some of the pieces Ray of Light Natural Beauty offers to their clientele. Both Candace and Victoria design and craft many of their pieces, with the emphasis on using natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals & Murano/Millefiori glass. Coming from an import/export background (going back to the 1940's before Candace was born) Candace and Victoria use their background and their family's resources to purchase beautiful gemstones and glass beads at unbeatable prices to craft unique pieces.


 Ray of Light Natural Beauty is a dream both Candace and Victoria have had for a long time to work together in a venture both of them are passionate about. To be able to combine the healing aspects that gemstones provide as well as design pieces of jewelry that are fashion forward is not only fun but a way to pass on the benefits of buying and wearing many of the pieces Ray of Light Natural Beauty offers.